Sunday, October 6, 2013

Passionately RED, Mysteriously BLACK, and Independently WHITE

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Tres Cuisine - Feels like Home

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TRES. This place has always been my to-go place whenever I cannot decide what to eat, meeting my friends, and family get-together. Whenever I dine here, it always feels like home. Not all restaurants and places can make you feel this way.  Maybe it is because of their Filipino-Spanish cuisine which we most Filipinos have grown up to.  Their foods remind me of my childhood, on how my Papa (who already passed away) and my Mama (who is working in Dubai) would cook for us.

I have come to know this restaurant because of my high school teacher / friend Mam Divina. During one of our bonding session, she told me that we should try to dine at this place, which at the moment was barely a year old restaurant at SM North The Block (Their old location. Tres’ current location is at SM City North Edsa, 2nd Floor Annex Building). Since we are both food junkies and adventurous when it comes to trying new foods / restaurants, I did not think twice anymore and just nod as an answer. 

Hell yeah, I was so glad of my first time dining experience at TRES! Not your usual crowded place because of the ample space between each table plus the cozy ambiance that make you feels like home. Their food servants are also accommodating and courteous (Mam Divina and I fondly call three of them James Yap, Derek, and Hayden because of their resemblance to those celebrities. Hehehe! Peace!). 

Of course, their foods are really the main stars of TRES. The fusion of Filipino (usually a combination of sweet, sour, and salty flavors) and Spanish (heavily influenced by seafood) cuisine is really a culinary genius. You can taste different flavors all at once. Literally, you can consume two or more cups of rice with this type of cuisine because of the taste and heaviness of the “sarsa”.

Below are some of the pictures taken with my friends, family, boyfriend, and I during our heavenly dining experience at TRES:

Post Christmas date with my high school friend Lady Lyn
Mam Divina and I

One of our favorite desserts here: Choco Lava

Mango shake, Old fashioned chocolate fudge cake, and Mango Torte
 Various bonding sessions with Mam Divina at TRES

Crispy Pata which we only got for P33.00 as promo
Generous serving of Pandan Rice, Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso, and Lengua con setas

During my Mama's vacation here in the Philippines

Late dinner with boyfie
New location at SM North Edsa Annex Building

My personal favorite: Kare-kare
My boyfie

Personally, if I were to choose, I will opt for the old location of TRES at SM North The Block but maybe, because of the need for a more spacious place, they transferred to the Annex Building. Also, because of their new and big place, prices of the food also got quite high (sad part but not that pricey anyway). Nevertheless, their delicious foods are really worth the price, however pricey it may become.


All prices in their menu end with number 3. Servings are also good for 3 persons. Variants of their foods also comes in 3 (like sinigang na salmon sa miso, lechon sinigang, and pork spareribs sinigang).  Lastly, the reason why their restaurant was named TRES: It is because their menu was developed by three chefs.

As long as TRES will be there to stay, I know that I will always come back to where my heart is. Somewhere that makes me feel like home.

To those who wants to feel the same heavenly dining experience I had, feel free to visit to their facebook page, TRES Cuisine