Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

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Thank God for the clothing allowance we recently received. We just did not able to buy new clothes but we were also able to dine somewhere serving good and authentic Japanese foods. Ramen to be specific.

Ana and I happen to know this restaurant because Marlon Stockinger (our crush!) posted a picture on his Instagram account dining in this restaurant. We also used to pass by this place whenever we go to Glorietta and SM Makati. Therefore, we agreed that one of these days; we would go and check out this place.
So last 9.3.2013, the exact date our clothing allowance was released, I decided to accomplish one of my “to-go lists of restaurants” and invited not only Ana and boyfie but also my office mates Myk, Portia, and my immediate boss, Sir Ben, to have a sumptuous Japanese lunch in this place.

My bad, I forgot to call beforehand to reserve a place for us. With the Ramen hype, it is to be expected that the place be jam-packed. I was right. Actually, when we arrived, there was a still a place that can accommodate us six but we have to occupy different seats.  So we opt for the choice number two, to avail their VIP room in one condition, our bill should not be lower than P3,000.00. With the heat outside and starvation, we did not think twice anymore.

Before we entered the VIP room, we had to leave our footwears in a shoe cabinet (sorry though, I was not able to take a picture of it). The interior of their VIP room as shown below:

The menu book:

We were so hungry that we all ordered set meals. Except for Ana because of her strict diet.

 A set meal contains 1 small Ramen, 1 rice bowl, 1 salad, 1 hot tea, 1 chawanmushi (flavored egg custard dish), 1 tsukemono (pickled Japanese preserved vegetables), and a choice of your main dish.
 Small Ramen & Salmon and Prawn Sushi set (P510.00)

Ebi Furai Set (P490.00)

Small Ramen & Fried Salmon & Small rice bowl set (P450.00)

Small Ramen & Pork cutlet & Small rice bowl set (P470.00)

 Small Ramen & Fried chicken & Small rice bowl set (P450.00)

For the soup base of their ramen, you have four options to choose from:

Shio - salt
Shoyu - soy sauce
Miso - soybean paste
Kara-miso - hot soybean paste

Shio based ramen is their specialty. They literally used "salt" to flavor it. However, boyfie chose the Kara-miso based ramen because he likes spicy foods.

 Ana's order:

  Tossed green salad with sesame dressing (P200.00)

Hiya yakko - Japanese tofu (P150.00)

 For dessert, Ana and Myk ordered Mix fruits Purin (cream pudding with fresh fruits) and Mix Fruits Annin (almond tofu with fresh fruits) for P150.00 each.

Each of us also ordered their Mochi Cream, courtesy of Ana. I chose their Blueberry Yoghurt (P80.00) as shown below. The rest ordered Black sesame (P75.00), Darjeeling - tea flavor (P80.00), Raspberry Mille Feuille (P90.00), Cafe au lait, and Apple pie (P100.00).

Needless to say, our starvation and craving were really satisfied. Their food tasted authentic Japanese. The prices are also reasonable. Really “sulit” because of their generous serving.

Our only complaint was that the air condition of their VIP room was not that cold enough and our request for another round of house water were not granted. Nevertheless, overall, we had a great authentic Japanese ramen experience.
 The Aftermath

 Do I need to say more?

We will definitely go back to try their other dishes!

Their RAMEN is really love ♥♥♥

To know more about about this restaurant, you may visit their Facebook page at Ramen Santouka Philippines.


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    1. Sure, no problem dear! Hehe... You should try this!

  3. I love Ramen! Heard good reviews about this resto. This is defintely on my list

    1. Hi Gen! Yeah, you should really try their ramen one of these days. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. looks yummy! some dishes are similar to Korean food.^^*

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