Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shopaholic for a Day

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I am, but only for a day. Just yesterday. I had means and reasons anyway. Well, we recently received our clothing allowance. It is not much since we were already provided four sets of newly designed uniforms.

Believe it or not but shopping is not my thing. I cannot last the whole day walking endlessly at the mall or even at bazaars. However, if really needed, which rarely happens, one hundred percent sure that I will get sick afterwards. Usually, I will have a bad headache. Worst, I will have a fever.

Even when I do have money, shopping is not always included in my “to-do-list”. I always get guilty of the idea, maybe because I am not used to it. The people close to me would understand me. I am not from a wealthy family. Not even from a middle class or so.
That is why I am thankful with my job now. It may not be my dream job but it provides my family and I the things we need to get by with everyday life and sometimes, with a bonus on the side. Just like the clothing allowance, I recently received.

It is not every day that I receive this kind of blessing so I said to myself, “Why not give myself a chance to enjoy and experience to be a shopaholic for a day?” Nevertheless, I made sure I did it in a responsible and somehow frugal way.

So let me guys begin by showing you all the great finds I was able to shop yesterday at SM North Edsa.

I bought this red Jessica plastic loafer footwear for only P249.75 at the Department Store. With the effect of global warming, we are not sure anymore if it will rain or not. So I always make sure I am ready to "get wet!" Hahaha...

Wearing plastic footwears make our feet produce excessive sweat and make it smelly. Therefore, I bought these three sets of black foot socks from Burlington for only P161.77. I got it on 10% discount because they have this promo for SMAC holders. What is good about this is that it comes with stopper inside so it will fit and stay on place. I will be using this for sunny weather and if it will rain unexpectedly, I can easily take it off anyway.

God and boyfie knows how happy I am when I saw this at Celine boutique. I have been looking for a stylish and fashionable rain boots for a long time. I tried looking online but all I have seen were somewhat expensive. You would not freaking believe how much is this. Any guess. It is only P799.00!

The only strappy slippers I have have a defect and I cannot use it anymore so I decided to buy this Toeberries Color my World Crayola Sandals in shade of violet for only P129.75. I have wanted to buy one from Havaianas but it is too expensive for slippers.

Since I have already given most of the slippers I have to my cousins, I also bought this yellow Toeberries slippers with spikes for half of its original price, P49.87! I cannot believe it myself too!

From Monday to Thursday, I am only using one bag for work because it will be too tiring for me to choose what to use and to transfer all my things from one bag to another. It is only every Friday that I got a chance to use my other bags. If you are like me who rides MRT everyday going to the office, then probably the bag you are using too every day looks damaged and beaten up than it should. Therefore, I bought this bag from Parisian for only P399.00 so I can use it alternately with my red bag I am currently using.

I do not know why but unlike other girls, I am not the kind who collects good and cute undergarments. Since I had the means, I bought a black 8-way bra for P329.75, black sports bra (since I am into running and long walks) for P329.75, and black seamless boy shorts for only P169.75 from Bench Body. I always buy basic colors since I do not buy undergarments often.

Every now and then, I have to buy a hanky or two because my brothers always use mine. They also tend to lose it. So here, I bought three from Pierre Cardin for P49.75, Wharton (their material is antibacterial) for P69.75, and Armando Caruso for P79.75.

I have been eying this pinstriped Stradivarius long sleeve from Surplus since last month but it was only yesterday I had a chance to buy it. I bought it for only P399.75! Yes, considering its brand. Surplus sells branded clothes and items for a cheaper price. I think those were overruns or the one that did not pass the quality control. Still, those are branded! Hahaha…

For the finale, I bought this red Comfort Plus stilettos by Predictions from Payless for only P1,250.00 and those comfort grips to make it more comfortable to use for only P125.00. True to its name, this shoes are really comfortable to use. I will be using this pair to match my Monday and Wednesday uniform. 

Now I can truly say that shopping is also a fun thing to do! Who says you have to be broke when shopping?! Just be responsible and frugal somehow. Just buy what you need. It does not have to be expensive.

It feels good to be a SHOPAHOLIC, frugally, even just for a day.


  1. You killing me I'm trying to be good you have amazing stuff I want to go shopping now. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Hahahaha... Go dear! Just don't go home broke. hehehe... Have a great Sunday too!

  2. Nice stuff!!! thank you so much for your visit! I follow you!
    and I added you by g+ too! I'm very happy if you do the same.
    Have a nice day! my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

    1. Thanks for that dear! Yes, of course, I will. Have a great day!