Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bright as RED Disposition

(L-R: Portia, Erick, Erika, Myk, Jen)

Do you still remember this famous line from a commercial ad, “Para kanino ka bumabangon?” Of course we all have different answers on this question. If I were to ask, “Bumabangon ako para sa pamilya ko at para sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay”. Cliché as it may sound but that’s true. 

The reason why I wrote this article was that Erick inspired me (second from left on the above photo), apart from I want to showcase my Friday get-up (haha!). This photo was taken last 8.16.2013 and it was Erick’s despedida. Erick was our contractual employee and it was his last day with us.

(L-R: Sugar, Erika, Me, Jen, Portia, Erick[seated])

I know you guys are wondering what is special with him that makes me want to write an article about him. I will start now and I will just make it brief. Erick was a very hardworking employee and very serious on his job. He was a quick one too. When you ask him to do something, you just count 10-15 minutes and voila! It will be on your desk right away. Considering that, we are about 20 persons or so in our division and he was the only one doing all the errands, that was very quick! 

 (L-R: Sugar, Erika, Me, Jen, Portia, Erick)

I never heard any complaints from him even if his job was tough because you can hardly see him sitting. He was always on the move. No rants or deep sighs you will ever hear from him. That was so professional of him. Considering that, as we all know, contractual employees in the Philippines are not well compensated.

 (L-R: Sugar, Jen, Erick, Myk, Me)

His work ethics are commendable. Good thing he did not have to wait again for another employer. Another group in our company absorbed him as their new contractual employee. They have seen his good attitude towards work. Made me realize that there are still some people who can appreciate and see the good in others.

Erick made me realize that I can also do the same. That even the work I have now is not really what I want, I can still be good at it, that I can still be the best in whatever what I am doing. He also made me realize to value what I have now and where I am now because what you have in the present will be your stepping-stone and will determine on what you can be in the future.

With this, I am now intrigued to ask him the question, “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”  However, I know there is no need because it is obvious on his actions.

 (L-R: Sugar, Jen, Erick, Myk, Me)

For now, I really hope and pray that he can find a work that not just can give him a chance to be a regular employee, but a work that can truly bring out the best in him. A work where he can fully give all his brilliance and capacity, the one he always dreamed of.


 Kudos to you, Erick! All the best!

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