Wednesday, August 21, 2013


(L-R: Jen, Me, and Myk)

8.16.2013-- Taken last Friday and it only meant one thing: FRIDAY PICTORIALS!

(L-R: Erika, Sugar, Myk, Jen, Me)

 Working in a tall building left us with no choice when it comes to choosing a background! And hey, my friends at work are equally fashionable!

 (Me and Myk)

So tadaahhh!!! Who said you cannot use a table as an additional subject for pictorials?! (HAHAHA!!!)

Blame it to Myk's craziness!

 (L-R: Jen, Me, and Myk)

I think this time, the view outside from 18th floor as a background is better!

 (L-R: Me, Jen, and Erika)

 (L-R: Me, Erika, and Jen)

And yes, this picture and those with building background was taken inside our office "bodega"!

How cute and witty of you, Myk?! Hahaha...

 (L-R: Me, Erika, and Jen)

Oh how I love our shot here, girls! ♥


Of course, for the finale, my outfit for the day!

(No Boundaries red long sleeves from Dubai, Mango skirt, Kenneth Cole Reaction watch, Key necklace bought from Mam Lhen De Guzman, and Staccato by CMG shoes)


HOT in RED  ♥


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