Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Friday Madness is ♥

(From left to right:  Yours truly, Myk, Erika, and Jen)

After we all got regularized in our work, we started to love FRIDAYs literally. Not just because Friday is the last working day of the week but more importantly, we can wear what we want.

From Monday to Thursday, we are all obliged to go to work in uniforms. Well, only for girls, guys does not have to but they have to be in their most professional look by either wearing barong or long sleeves with a tie. After all, we are all working for a bank so the reason for strict and conservative policy. We all have to abide.

Girls uniform on Mondays and Wednesdays.
(L-R: Erika, Portia, Yours truly, Rye, Myk, Ate Myla, and Sir John)

 Our get-up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
(L-R: Myk, Yours truly, Sir Alex, Maizzie, Sugar, and Carla [seated])

(L-R: Erika, Myk, Yours truly, and Jen)

So that was the reason why Friday Pictorials was invented by my friends at work.

 Another Fash-Friday with Erika ♥

(L-R: Sugar, Jen, Yours truly, Myk, and Portia)

 So to our other co-workers, forgive us for being a cam whore not just every Friday but almost every day of the whole working week.

We are not narcissists either, it's just our own crazy way to de-stress and psyches up ourselves for the most-awaited weekends where we can enjoy life the way we want to.

I'm sure you guys have also your own favorite day of the week and we all have our ways to have fun and make the most out of it.  But for us, it will always be FRIDAY MADNESS!

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