Monday, August 19, 2013

Quezon Province - Last Summer Trip for 2013 that I will always remember

As for my first post here in my new blog site (that hopefully I can really manage to maintain for a long time :P), I would like to post pictures taken from my last summer trip for this year with my friends at work. This particular picture was taken from Borawan Island, the most visited island in Pagbilao, Quezon apart from Dampalitan Beach and Puting Buhangin at Kwebang Lampas. Borawan Island was the last island we visited and as the saying goes, "Save the best for last", was given justice.

Of course, we did not forget to take our group picture! ♥

Fortunately and for unknown reasons, we have Dampalitan beach all by ourselves (of course except for the local residents there)! And as you guys can see on the picture, we really had our "crazy times" there!

How nice was the feeling of being an owner of an island for an hour or so. :-)

And yes, we're going on descending order here. We really had a great time swimming, snorkeling, and playing volleyball at Puting Buhangin and Kuwebang Lampas.

Puting Buhangin - true to its meaning ♥

Playing volleyball is more fun in the beach! Much more fun when played in an island! :-)

High tide at Kuwebang Lampas!

But of course, Lovey and I won't forget to have our postcard-like picture ♥

Truly, Quezon Province has its hidden treasures and almost untouched wonders of nature waiting to be unfold to many. We can only pray that these islands' beauty would stand the test of time and remain unscathed from human being's carbon footprint and nature's calamity.

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